To Be Continued: The Unstoppable Mission of Jesus
Mar 17, 2021

Paul lived in Rome two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. (Act 28:30–31)

Amid gospel ministry’s challenges, we can begin to fix our eyes solely on the narrow furrow of earth at our feet. We focus on seeding and tending our little patch and neglect to look up for a while to see the sunlight rippling on distant crops. Yet Christ’s mission is global, cosmic, and continuing. To Be Continued is your cold water break. Pick it up and read about the unstoppable work of Jesus to build his triumphant church. Be revived in ministry as the experiences of gospel-loving pastors and church members worldwide point you to Christ.

The men and women who authored this book love Jesus and his church. This collection of their stories and reflections—published first as blogs by The Gospel Coalition and Acts 29—will help you embrace and participate in Christ’s ongoing mission to establish his church in all the world.

With 60 contributions from 35 authors, including Jonathan Dodson, Jen Oshman, Dave Furman, Tony Merida, Mez McConnell, Tyler St. Clair, J. A. Medders, Christy Britton, Doug Logan, and Noel Heikkinen.

ACTS 29 is a diverse, global community of healthy, multiplying churches characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation. Acts 29 stands in the tradition of historic evangelical confessionalism and seeks to plant churches that plant churches.