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Exodus 33-40 – Forward

Exodus 33-40

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In the Lord of the Rings, Sam asks, “I wonder what kind of story we are in, Mr Frodo?” Everyone wants to know the answer to this. The book of Exodus shows us. We are in THE story, the grand-redemptive story, the true story of the whole world. We look back at Exodus and see the good news, and Exodus points ahead to Christ, and to the end (which is only the beginning). We began our study and said that we were going to see the gospel, and how the story of Exodus, in a sense, is our story. Once we were in bondage to sin, enslaved, under the sentence of death. But by taking shelter under the blood of the Lamb, God has delivered us. Now, God is with us, leading us to the Promised Land. We will face challenges, obstacles and temptations, but we know that God is faithful to his redeemed people. While we journey, we live by grace and forgiveness found not in a tabernacle – but in Christ. One day, we will see Jesus Christ – and there we will behold the glory of God forever. Everyone who trusts in Christ has this hope. Now, let’s move forward in this faith journey.