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The Hosea Song

Kimberly Merida - The Hosea Song

After dropping the kids off at school yesterday, I started listening to a copy of my bride’s new CD entitled Defend the Orphan and began to worship with tears of joy.

Kimberly has nine songs that she wrote and composed, and I commend this CD to you once it comes out in a few weeks. I love them all, but thought I’d share this one about God’s amazing mercy. It is taken from the story of Hosea. Listen and be edified.

Words & Music by Kimberly Merida

Stumbled into darkness
Once bright light became dim
The God of this universe
She exchanged for her sin
Led astray, wandered away,
She left God to play – the whore
She forsook the Lord
For the things of this world

Bent towards rebellion
The more He called she turned away
Pride became a snare for her
A wind had wrapped her in its wings
Pay attention, Listen daughter
For the judgment is for you – Repent
And seek My face
Return to the Lord (O daughter of Zion)

Lured in the wilderness
By a soft tender voice
The Valley of Trouble
Shall become a door of hope
He has torn us, that He may heal us
Struck us down to bind us up – Redeeming
Love has come
To set the captives free

(4 – Altered Verse)
But God, being rich in mercy
Because of the great love
With which He loved us
Even when we were dead in our trespasses
Made us alive
Together with Christ
By grace – you have been saved
By grace through faith
It is a gift of God
That no one may boast

She has received mercy, the one called No Mercy
Not My People shall become His own!

Redeeming love has come
Jesus, God’s own Son

We have received mercy
We have received mercy