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Super Larry and Pizza and Ice Cream

Yesterday we met a new friend named Larry Guilford from Tampa, who works in real estate. He is actually from Detroit, and loves the Tigers! More importantly, he has been working in this region of Ukraine for about 5 years with orphans/orphanages. He is a local legend. You can check out his website at Larry is a very kind and generous man, who has given thousands of dollars to bring hope to orphans. In the picture above, we are in a hospital, where the little baby orphans go first. Sometimes they are found in trash cans, at local grocery stores, and various other places. Larry purchased the beds and some equipment for this hospital. Overall, he has given money for over 1400 beds at different orphanages, along with mattresses, windows, gym rennovation, etc.

He also bought our lunch yesterday saying, “It’s my pleasure. You are adopting four kids. That’s the best thing that can happen to these kids. I try to improve things a little bit, but having a family is the best possible thing that can happen.” He also told us that he had a friend who wanted to adopt one of our children, but he is a single man and was not allowed. I told him that he could be an honorary uncle. And that we have many single friends!:) We all attended a program yesterday after lunch, put on by another orphanage with which Larry also works.
When Larry first arrived at the orphanage where our kids are at now, the director told him that they need “a toilet.” He said, “You need a match. You should blow this up and start over.” They had no real toilets; just a hole in the floor. They had no showers; just a hose. They had no hot water. He currently has several projects going on now to continue the rennovations.

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Today was a first time experience…. We got to take the kids to eat pizza and ice cream! They had just returned from the doctor.The girls drank their juice and cokes with passion, and later enjoyed some sweets. James ate two pieces of pizza and told Papa that “Coke is my favorite. I had it once.”

All things considered, the kids were terrific. This is the first time that we’ve had them outside the orphanage at somewhere other than court. Probably my highlight was seeing them share their food/drink, and praying together as a family for the first time at the meal. James made his prayer hands, and Victoria puckered up waiting to drink her juice as soon as we said amen.

We then dropped them off at the orphanage, after the girls put on some more lipstick of course. And bid them good-bye until tomorrow.
  • I loved seeing the family gathered around the table ….HIS LOVE is obvious….feeding my soul. NM

  • First prayer of thanksgiving for food as a family…PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing!
    Anna Lea prays every night for your little ones. Thanks for allowing us all on the journey.